Compliance Training Dashboard Excel Template
Originally published: 16/11/2021 15:56
Last version published: 18/11/2021 09:09
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Compliance Training Dashboard Excel Template

Ready in 15 minutes, this simple template will help you track compliance training and give you quick insights as to where non-compliance is happening.

Are you struggling to track compliance training in your organization? Are employees required to complete multiple trainings after employment? Do these employees have varying deadlines to complete their training? Are employees missing their deadlines for compliance training? Do you want an easy way to gain insights as to where non-compliance is occurring? Do you need an easy solution that prevents non-compliance?

This simple Compliance Training Dashboard will provide you the answers you are looking for within your organization in only 15 minutes.

You can customize the template and define your trainings one-time according to your needs.

With this template, you can send out an automatically calculated PDF to your employees to inform them of all upcoming due dates.

As you input training dates scheduled by employees, you will automatically receive visual responses on non-compliant dates (training date > due date).

You are able to receive a list of employees whose deadlines are approaching so you can prevent non-compliance. You can also reach out to employees who have not scheduled their trainings.

With this Compliance Training Dashboard, you can gain invaluable insights as to where the non-compliance is occurring. You can slice the data easily to filter through departments, locations and more. Compare the areas in which non-compliance is happening on Compliance Percentage and Completion Percentage.

For the Issue Completion Certificate, just choose an employee and print (or export to PDF) the certificate whenever you need.

Use a simple Excel File to get your compliance training tracking organized.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Template, 1 Excel Template with sample data

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