Growth Deck
Originally published: 15/11/2018 15:48
Publication number: ELQ-58646-1
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Growth Deck

This growth deck shares insights into how to build a growth team.

This growth deck, published by Andrew Chen, is a presentation on what a growth team is and how to build it. It draws from a range of cases, such as Uber and Hubspot, to better illustrate the points made.

The PDF covers 5 main sections, these include:

- 'Why create a growth team?' Comprising of The Product Death Cycle and the steps of the growth process.

- 'What's the difference between a 'growth hacker' and a growth team?' Including 5 potential roles for a growth team and with examples of New User Experience (NUX), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) teams.

- 'What is the difference between growth and x?' This section includes comparison with areas such as product and marketing.

- 'Where should growth teams focus?' with example from the Airbnb team.

- 'I'm starting / joining a growth team! What should I expect?'

What is a growth team?

A growth team is a select group of individuals devoted to the learning and implementing of growth tactics and strategies for a business. This team may consist of a variety of backgrounds, such as design, product, or marketing.

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