Sales Gap Planner - Annual
Originally published: 23/09/2018 18:14
Last version published: 04/03/2019 07:52
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Sales Gap Planner - Annual

A dashboard that shows your expected annual billings compared to your annual revenue goal.

Note, this is a google sheet deliverable. When you go to the download, it will take you to a word document that has the google sheet link. From there you simply go to File>Make a Copy to have your own editable version of the template.

The goal of this financial forecasting tool is plan out how close or far you are from your annual revenue goal. The unique aspect of its functionality is in how you get to the expected annual billings.

It is on a contract basis and based on the date the contract is effective, the number of months it is for, and the total value of the contract. Based on entering those 3 things on the input tab, you will automatically get a whole bunch of data points related to the amount of billings YTD, the remaining billings for the year, and lifetime stats about the billings of each client.

All the logic is made to roll forward in time in an unlimited way. The sheet will always know the current month and current year. Based on the contract inputs, you will always be able to tell the specific billings info for the current year and as of the current month.

Further filters were added so you can see specific contracts (such as those that have had x billing cycles or x billing cycles left). The same goes for revenue.

Conditional formatting exists so you can set parameters for when a contract row turns yellow or red (based on the number of months left on the contract).

This is a really good way for account executives, salesmen, and organizations as a while can see where they are at for the year based on all their contracts.

It should also be noted that you could structure this in a way where you have 4 or 5 or 50 of these templates being used by your sales staff. You could then roll all of them up into a primary document that shows the consolidated view. This would take a bit of customer work, but the basic structure of each would be the same. I am available to provide this customer work at an hourly rate. Just inquire about that if needed.

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Get a quick view of where you are at for the year in terms of revenue.

Any business that has fixed length contracts with a total $ value.

A business that has on-going contracts with no end or no contracts.

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