Success Factors Overview
Originally published: 09/04/2016 20:04
Last version published: 03/04/2017 10:30
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Success Factors Overview

Display your key success factors in an "at a glance" visual layout.

This slide underlines 3 to 7 buzzwords or concepts that encapsulate your business' KSF. Critical or key success factors are the crucial components of a successful business strategy.
Put your company at the center of your success factors to symbolize the fact that your strategy benefits from all of the vital components for success.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint model slide, 1 step-by-step method

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Further information

The objective of the slide is to state the foremost elements contributing to your successful business strategy. Show that your company and business strategy benefit from these factors.
• Affirm your know-how within your business sector
• Show that you know the strategy necessary for success
• Communicate with impactful buzzwords or understandable concepts
• Use a clear visual set-up to state your message
• Leave an inspiring impression of your strategy

• You want to list your key success factors in a visual and powerful manner
• The success of your strategy relies on 3 to 7 main factors
• You want a clear visual aid for your oral presentation on key success factors

• You feel the need to describe in further detail each of your success factors
• You believe your business is based on more than 7 key success factors
• Your company no longer benefits from all the chosen factors

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