BCG Growth Share Matrix Template
  • BCG Growth Share Matrix Template
  • BCG Growth Share Matrix Template
  • BCG Growth Share Matrix Template
  • BCG Growth Share Matrix Template
Originally published: 10/11/2016 10:39
Last version published: 10/11/2016 10:44
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BCG Growth Share Matrix Template

A ready-to-use template for the BCG Growth Share Matrix also known as the Boston Consulting Group's Product Portfolio.

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The aim of the Growth Share Matrix is to help a corporation efficiently allocate its ressources (financial + HR) to its different business units or product lines.

This concept was developed by Bruce D Henderson, the Founder of BCG and HBS graduate. In the words of Bruce D Henderson himself, “To be successful, a company should have a portfolio of products with different growth rates and different market shares. The portfolio composition is a function of the balance between cash flows.” This is what the matrix helps businesses do.

- The Eloquens Team

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Further information

- Map your business units or product lines on a single page to qualify your positioning and spot opportunities to boost your business growth and strengthen your cash position.
- Give a structured overview of your portfolio of activities and the relative positions of your chosen activites within it.
- Have a tool to take a decision on where to push your ressources/budget to increase your bottom line results

Expected Impact:
• Present your portfolio of activities at a glance
• Display a structured understanding of your businesses key components
• Provide intelligence on the main components and their relative positions within your business mapping
• Use a clear visual set-up to convince your audience

Main Sources:
• Existing reliable market studies giving your market share for each business unit, product line (Markess, Xerfi, Reuters, MarketResearch, HBR…)
• Business press
• Competitors’ publications: press releases, annual reports, corporate websites contents...
• Your own market watch tools
• Your own dashboard internal tools and KPIs

• You want to highlight business opportunities in a multiple markets and decide were to disinvest
• You want to illustrate your business positions in a single structure
• You want a tool to help you conduct an evaluatory study

Insert in:
• Market studies
• Benchmarks
• Due Diligence
• Strategic plans
• Marketing plans

• You want to present your busines units or product line key features or descriptions (or the ones of your competitors).
• You have no business status to evaluate - no mergers, investments, new ventures probability / feasibility to analyze


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