Real Estate Excel Model
Originally published: 24/04/2018 13:58
Publication number: ELQ-96596-1
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Real Estate Excel Model

Comprehensive excel model for tracking and projecting the finances of your real estate investments.

This is a comprehensive, detailed tool for modelling your real estate investments' finances.

This tool includes the following tabs:

- Mixed Use Summary
- Mixed Use Scenario
- Mixed Use Model
- Mixed Use Quarterly
- Mixed Use Annual
- Sales Rate
- Mixed Use with Data Table
- Cap Rate Exercise
- Functions
- Lookup
- Macro Example
- Codes

Within the "Mixed Use Summary" tab, you can input data based on structuring variables such as debt to capital and holding period. You can also customise the rental and inflation rates to tailor the tool to your context. This tab also allows you to log the cost, cost sensitivity, pre tax IRR, project IIR, equity IRR and MIRR for different types of real estate investment, from land to retail. This information is then plotted within a chart to highlight the free cash flow and equity cash flow.

The "Mixed Use Scenario" tab allows you to model based on different scenarios. For instance, it allows you to adapt your model based on a low or hight rental rate so that you can model for different scenarios.

In the "Mixed Use Model" tab you can input various assumptions for your real estate investments. This covers a wide range of different assumptions: Operating assumptions, monthly assumptions, occupancy assumptions, rental rate growth assumptions, inflation rate assumptions, financing assumptions. This tab also offers an area to analyse each project with capital expenditures, residential revenues, commercial revenues, commercial operating costs, terminal proceeds, profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet.

The "Mixed Use Quarterly" and "Mixed Use Annual" tabs allow you to track the finances of your real estate investments on a quarterly or annual basis. You can also log your cap rates and cap rates with taxes in the "Cap Rate Exercise" tab.

This is a comprehensive and incredibly detailed tool that will allow you to model all aspects of your real estate investments' finances.

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