Food Purchasing Bid Sheet
Originally published: 07/05/2018 11:28
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Food Purchasing Bid Sheet

Excel model for controlling the food purchases for your restaurant or hotel

This excel model offers a great space to monitor and control your food purchases for your restaurant.

Controlling your food purchases is absolutely essential to the financial wellbeing of any restaurant. There are many different things that you need to avoid when considering your purchasing. Two of the most important things to avoid are purchasing for too high a cost and purchasing more produce than needed.

This excel tool is a great way of keeping track of your purchases and making sure that you are buying at the right price, and buying the right amount. If you over purchase, this can lead to waste food, forced discounted specials to get rid of food, improper rotation of purchases.

Using this tool will help you to avoid falling into these traps.

This spreadsheets offers a space to compare different vendors for specific food products. This comparison is based on price, quality an service. As such, you are able to quickly evaluate the pros and cons of each vendor.

There is also space to document all of your order history, allowing you to keep track of your inventory. This will allow you to log the product and the vendor for each specific product whilst also monitoring the quantity of the product.

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