McKinsey's CEO Excellence Mindset Framework Template
Originally published: 15/06/2022 18:58
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McKinsey's CEO Excellence Mindset Framework Template

A self-assessment for CEOs to discover their level of Excellence, and identify key and priority mindset and practice improvement areas, on Excel and PowerPoint.

In May 2022, McKinsey & Company's Gautam Kumra, Vikram Malhotra and Joydeep Sengupta published an article on Bloomberg called "How to be a great 21st century CEO", also relayed in an extremely well realised GIF on LinkedIn by McKinsey available here.

Based on a data set of 200 successfull CEO's, with in-depth interviews with 67 of them, the articles argues that CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) have to spin 6 plates (or mindsets) at once to be performant:
1/ Set the Direction
2/ Engage the Board
3/ Connect with Stakeholders
4/ Manage Personal Effectiveness
5/ Mobilize Through Leaders
6/ Align the Organization

The authors of the article, also arguing that there is no manual that creates the perfect CEO (or perfect leader), having a good technique (mindsets, practices), just like in boxing, is still strongly correlated to overall success.

Details of each mindset and the underlying 18 practices for effective leadership performance:

- Vision: "Reframe the Game"
- Strategy: "Make big moves early/ often"
- Resource Allocation: "Act like an outsider"

👔 ->ENGAGE THE BOARD: "Help Directors, Help the Business"
- Relationships: "Build a foundation of trust"
- Capabilities: "Tap the wisdom of elders"
- Meetings: "Focus on the future"

☎️ ->CONNECT WITH STAKEHOLDERS: "Start with 'Why?'' (i.e. Simon Sinek's Golden Circle)
- Social Purpose: "Impact the Big Picture"
- Interaction: "Get to the Essence"
- Moments of Truth: "Stay Elevated"

- Time & Energy: "Manage a series of sprints"
- Leadership Model: "Live your 'To Be' List"
- Perspective: "Stay Humble"

🏆 ->MOBILIZE THROUGH LEADERS: "Solve for the Team's Psychology"
- Composition: "Create an ecosystem"
- Teamwork: "Make the Team the star"
- Operating Rhythm: "Get into a groove"

🏛 ->ALIGN THE ORGANIZATION: "Treat the Soft stuff as the hard stuff"
- Culture: "Focus on one thing to move the culture"
- Organizational Design: "Solve for Stagility"
- Talent: "(Don't) put people first"

MUST READ: The post on Bloomberg (see here), gives extra detail on each of these 6 mindsets.

Given the high pertinence of this framework for CEOs, I decided to create a simple leadership model template, so that they can self-assess on each of the 18 practices and determine which are the key and priority mindsets they should be focusing on. The analysis is done in the Excel Model, and the final result then transposed into a PowerPoint Slide, for better visualisation to executive coaches our councel, with a clear outline on the n°1 priority.

I would recommend taking time to do the self-assessment every summer for a CEO, as to reflect on improvements made and to refresh leadership priorities regularly.

The Best Practice is:
- an editable Microsoft PowerPoint Template Slide + seperate Excel Model
- with an online & offline 10 step-by-step methodology, with pedagogical illustrations for each step.
Should you have any questions about this top tier CEO Excellence Leadership framework template, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.

Good Luck!
- Tim

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This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint Template Model + 1 Excel Model + 1 Offline/Online 10 Step-by-Step Methodology

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