McKinsey & Company Models and Frameworks Bundle
Originally published: 21/08/2021 16:52
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McKinsey & Company Models and Frameworks Bundle

A bundle of 11 top-tier McKinsey & Company Models and Framework Templates for any executive or strategy consultant to download.

McKinsey & Company (alias McKinsey), is a US Global Management Consulting Firm. It was founded in 1926 by professor James O. McKinsey (University of Chicago). It advises corporations, governments and non-profits on strategic management related topics. McKinsey is considered by Vault as the most prestigious consulting firm to work for, and has a highly selective hiring process for its recruits.

Notable alumni: Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Sheryl Sandberg (ex COO Facebook), Vittorio Colao (former CEO Vodafone).

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Historically, McKinsey's employees, experts and partners have built and created dozens of top tier strategy frameworks and thousands of high level slides during their missions, research and reports.

As a strong admirer of the firms historical technical talent and technical slide-making, modeling and strategy theoretical modeling skills, I am listing in this bundle what I managed to transform into workable hands-on templates for the business world, to further promote the brand.

Please find the list, which will be completed as I build new ones, below:

GE-McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix Template:

McKinsey's 7S Framework Strategy Template:

Managerial Archetypes McKinsey Matrix Template:

McKinsey's Strategic Three Horizons Model Framework Template:

Market Analysis Crisis Scenarios Template:

McKinsey’s Portfolio of Initiatives Framework Template:

McKinsey's Strategic Control Map Template:

McKinsey's Industry Cost Curve Template:

McKinsey's Leap Business-Building Quotient capability Model Template:

McKinsey's CEO Excellence Mindset Framework Template:

McKinsey's Resilient Growth Dimensions Framework Template:

- Tim

This Best Practice includes
11 McKinsey PowerPoint Framework Slides + offline step-by-step Methodologies

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