McKinsey & Company Models and Frameworks Bundle
Originally published: 21/08/2021 16:52
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McKinsey & Company Models and Frameworks Bundle

A bundle of 13 top-tier McKinsey & Company Models and Framework Templates for any executive or strategy consultant to download.

McKinsey & Company (alias McKinsey), is a US Global Management Consulting Firm. It was founded in 1926 by professor James O. McKinsey (University of Chicago). It advises corporations, governments and non-profits on strategic management related topics. McKinsey is considered by Vault as the most prestigious consulting firm to work for, and has a highly selective hiring process for its recruits.

Notable alumni: Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Sheryl Sandberg (ex COO Facebook), Vittorio Colao (former CEO Vodafone).

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Historically, McKinsey's employees, experts and partners have built and created dozens of top tier strategy frameworks and thousands of high level slides during their missions, research and reports.

As a strong admirer of the firms historical technical talent and technical slide-making, modeling and strategy theoretical modeling skills, I am listing in this bundle what I managed to transform into workable hands-on templates for the business world, to further promote the brand.

Please find the list, which will be completed as I build new ones, below:

GE-McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix Template
McKinsey's 7S Framework Strategy Template
Managerial Archetypes McKinsey Matrix Template
McKinsey's Strategic Three Horizons Model Framework Template
Market Analysis Crisis Scenarios Template
McKinsey’s Portfolio of Initiatives Framework Template
McKinsey's Strategic Control Map Template
McKinsey's Industry Cost Curve Template
McKinsey's Leap Business-Building Quotient capability Model Template
McKinsey's CEO Excellence Mindset Framework Template
McKinsey's Resilient Growth Dimensions Framework Template
McKinsey's Four Pricing Strategies Framework Template
McKinsey's MINTO MECE Pyramid Principle Framework Template

- Tim

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This Best Practice includes
13 McKinsey PowerPoint Framework Slides + offline step-by-step Methodologies

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