SaaS Pitch Deck Template
Originally published: 12/10/2020 06:07
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SaaS Pitch Deck Template

The SaaS Pitch Deck template is here!

The SaaS Pitch Deck template is here! I partnered with a top designer, Felipe Bottrel, to bring you a SaaS-specific template. This pitch template is designed for early stage startups to tell their story and raise capital.

Forget the generic pitch deck templates with 500+ slide designs, 100 color variations, and 10,000 icons. It’s just too overwhelming and a waste of our limited time.

The progression of this SaaS pitch deck template was inspired by Y Combinator’s pitch deck. It was reviewed by several investors and given the thumbs up. Of course, every investor wants to see something a little different, but we did the design heavy lifting, so that you can focus on your startup and your story. And ultimately, raising capital πŸ™‚

Each section of the template includes several different layouts. Each layout is designed differently. Choose the slide layout that best tells your story.

The SaaS Pitch Deck Details

-PowerPoint format
-80 slides
-14 sections to tell your story
-All the icons you need organized in 13 categories
-Customizable color format
-Investor reviewed

The Layout

-Purpose – six layouts
-Vision – three layouts
-Problem – six layouts
-Solution – seven layouts
-Market – four layouts
-Competition – five layouts
-Product – eleven layouts
-Revenue Model – six layouts
-Traction – eight layouts
-Team – eight layouts
-The Deal – four layouts
-Roadmap – five layouts
-Vision – three layouts
-Closing – four layouts

This Best Practice includes
PowerPoint Slides

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