Financial Models Bundle (General 3 Statement, Hotel, Retail (Toys & Seasonal), and Break Even Analysis).
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Financial Models Bundle (General 3 Statement, Hotel, Retail (Toys & Seasonal), and Break Even Analysis).

4 model Bundle (see description)

This is a bundle offering which includes the following Excel models:

A) Three Statement Financial Excel Models & Valuation

This detailed, yet easy to use three statement financial model will allow you to calculate your business' profit and loss, build a balance sheet and calculate cash flow.

Additionally it will calculate the valuation of the company based on the 3 financial statements created.

- Profit and Loss Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Cash Flow


These three essentials are displayed within the "outputs" tab, and are automatically calculated based on the extensive "inputs" tab.

B) Break Even Analysis / Cost Volume Profit Analysis Excel Model

Managers must make decisions about sales volume, pricing and costs and are concerned about the impact of their decisions on profit. Therefore, they need to understand the relations among revenues, costs, volume and profit. Cost-volume-profit, or CVP, analysis provides managers with information for decision making. CVP analysis explores the relationship between sales revenue, cost and their effect on profits (i.e.Break-even analysis)

C) Financial Model (Toys & Seasonal) Excel Template

Financial Model of a retail company (Toys & Seasonal) followed by various valuation methods

D) Hotel Financial Excel Model and Valuation Template

Hotel financial Excel model which generates the 3 financial statements as well as a valuation (incl. sensitivity analysis).

This Best Practice includes
4 Excel models and 4 PDFs

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