How to Manage Employee Performance with a Win Win Agreement
Originally published: 27/09/2018 15:39
Last version published: 29/11/2018 09:50
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How to Manage Employee Performance with a Win Win Agreement

This template, with accompanying video, provides help in how to build successful relationships with your team.

"Hello, Stephen Goldberg here. Today I'm meeting a coaching client to establish a win-win agreement with his boss. And this is a manager, the coaching client is a manager, who had an issue with his communication style with his team members, the people that report to him. And his boss asked me to intervene to coach him on changing his style of communication.

So, the first step was to make him aware of his communication style and how it impacted his employees. And, typically, if a manager is not confronted and not made aware of the problem, whether it be a communication style or whatever, then they tend to think that it's the employees that have the wrong attitude, and that was the case here. And so through discussing with him, having him read this book, 'Zapp, The lightening of empowerment', which I've mentioned in some of my videos, it brought awareness to the problem and the impact that it was having on his employees and his performance as a manager.

So, from that I had him create some goals, actually two goals to work on his communication style but also on delegating, because improving how he was delegating and coaching him employees..." (to access the rest of this content, please refer to the video)

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