Financial Model for Ports with Alternative Scenarios for Shipment Growth and Danger of Surplus Capacity
Originally published: 17/05/2018 13:36
Publication number: ELQ-45204-1
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Financial Model for Ports with Alternative Scenarios for Shipment Growth and Danger of Surplus Capacity

This is an incredibly detailed financial model for your port and shipping projects.

This Excel financial model is a hugely extensive and detailed model for your port and shipping projects. This tool includes over 100 tabs that will help you to conduct a comprehensive analysis and thorough overview of the finances of your project.

These tabs cover a vast number of themes that will have an affect on your project:

- Assumptions
- Expenses
- Corporate Finance
- Project Finance
- Break Bulk
- Dry Bulk
- Liquid Bulk
- Container Information
- Capital Expenditure
- Debt scheduling
- Cash Flows
- Charts

These themes are broken down into numerous, incredibly detailed tabs. For instance, with "dry bulk" alone, you have: Volumes, Share, Market Share, Shares, Capacity and Demand, Capacity and Cap Demand. Thus, you will be able to conduct a really deep and wide ranging financial analysis of your projects.

Furthermore, all of your financial inputs are used to create three incredibly useful tabs. These are:

- Corporate Model Summary
- KPT Financial Ratio Summary
- Project Finance Summary

These summary tabs collate your input data and use it to create summary pages of your project. These summary tabs include numerous helpful graphs. For instance, the Corporate Model Summary tab includes graphs on "Debt and Cash Balance", "Net Cash Flow", "KPT Revenues" and "Nominal Capital Expenditures".

The KPT Financial Ratio Summary includes graphs that map the "Debt to EBITDA", "Debt to Capital Ratio", "Debt Service Coverage Ratio" as well as "Interest Coverage Ratio".

Finally, the Project Finance Summary shows the "Toll Revenues from KHC" as well as showing your Sources and Uses and Capital Expenditure.

This model will allow you the space to conduct a thorough analysis, whilst also providing helpful summary pages to help you quickly monitor the financial progress of your projects.

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  • Oral Kealeboga Mosedame
    I paid $25.00 yesterday and I have been struggling to download this
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    • Eloquens Academy
      Hi Oral,

      Thanks for your question on this. Given you have already purchased it, downloading the model should be easy. Simply follow these steps.

      1/ Log in to your Eloquens account
      2/ Go to this page:
      3/ Then click on the title of the model "Financial Model for Ports with Alternative Scenarios for Shipment Growth and Danger of Surplus Capacity"
      4/ Then click on the blue button "Download" on the page
      5/ Go to your downloads folder on your MAC/PC and open the file from there!

      Let us know if this works!
      If you have further questions, you can reach us here:
      For questions on the model, you can reach Prof. Ed Bodmer directly here:

      The Eloquens Team
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