So how much funding do you need for your Online start-up?
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So how much funding do you need for your Online start-up?

Easy to use model that generates accounts, KPI dashboards & summary to evaluate your plans

When planning your new online marketing start-up, this easy to use model will provide the two key pieces of financial information that you as the entrepreneur need to know:
• the amount of funding you will require
• will your efforts be worth it at the end of the day

You can launch up to 10 products / product groups sold in up to 5 different channels – including your own website –measured over the first three years of business.

The inputs:
• easy to use if your are not an accountant
• they cover all key areas of sales, expenses, payroll, asset acquisition, asset leasing, payment terms, channel costs, taxes etc.
• to help there is a sheet of an input examples to refer to

The outputs produce:
• Two key dashboards (the funding requirement dashboard incorporated in the funding input module) that answer the 2 key questions above.
• A full set of accounts–Income statements, balance sheets & cash flow forecasts–by year, by quarter and by month.
• A set of operating reports/dashboards – that analyse
o Sales & Gross margins – by both product & channel.
o expenses
o payroll
• Standard liquidity ratios–current, quick, cash & tax coverage
• Standard leverage ratios–debt to equity, debt ratio, proprietary ratio & interest coverage ratio
• Standard activity/efficiency ratios-working capital turnover ratio/inventory turnover ratio/asset turnover ratio/debtors turnover ratio.

Completed the model will be a valuable tool for you in making key management decisions to ensure the success of your project before you go forward.

This Best Practice includes
Excel Workbook with Macros for startup with up to 10 products/product lines - selling through up to 5 channels

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