David Hubbard, Freelancing producing Finance Models for both ″bricks & mortar″ startups and SAAS startups.

Freelancing producing Finance Models for both "bricks & mortar" startups and SAAS startups.

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• What is a financial model? It is a tool that:o takes the large range of planning decisions made by a businesso quantifies them monetarily to produce a clear set of outcomeso in order that these outcomes either confirm that the decisions made are correct or show where changes to them have to be made for the business to achieve its goals.• This is what I produce, both simple or complex, using MS Excel skills.• Have been doing this for 10 years + for companies ranging in size from BP, through the Economist magazine and Towers Willis Watson down to small start-ups such as eSkills ltd.• Model types included a 5-year business plans, stress test models for submission to the UK FCA, magazine media spend analysis, international hotel revenue spend analyses, major IT spend analyses.• Their monetary value ranged from small company revenues of £5 million per year up to departmental spends in excess of 2/3rds of a billion dollars.
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