How to Screen Candidate Resumes
Originally published: 28/09/2018 15:20
Last version published: 15/10/2018 14:19
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How to Screen Candidate Resumes

This video and accompanying PDF explain how to efficiently screen candidate resumes during the hiring process

"When hiring top performers for your company, the first step is to screen the resumes and select the best ones for the first job interview. I’ll talk about how to go through those resumes in this video.

Once you’ve posted your job advertisement, and you could refer to my last article and video about how to best do that, you will probably start receiving quite a few resumes. You want to go through those resumes quite quickly because you’re looking for top performers. They’re often hard to find and they’re the most sought after as well. So you want to act quickly. You want to prepare that process by making a list of the top knowledge, skills and experience that are essential for the job. When you go through the resumes, you can quickly see if the person qualifies according to those skills, knowledge and experience.

Once you’ve selected the best candidates based on their resume, you may want to set up a phone interview. I like to do this to validate their language skills and communication styles. I usually take no longer than 10 minutes on the phone. Prior to the first interview I like to use an assessment."

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