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How to Measure Your Social Media Efforts' Effectiveness

Teaching you how to track if your time spent marketing on social media is being spent wisely!

As an entrepreneur, it can be really easy to fall into just working in your business as opposed to working on your business. One of the symptoms of this is dedicating yourself to a marketing routine, especially a social media marketing routine without ever tracking it's success. Because social media only costs in time and not in clear, clean dollars, the ROI is a little more slippery, and so many business owners just don't even bother to track if their social media strategies are succeeding or not. However, your time is money, so you shouldn't spend a large chunk of it plugging away on Twitter and Facebook, if you don't know if those efforts are bringing in real, live, paying customers.

Watch this video to learn a few methods for tracking your social media efforts and their success.

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