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How to Create an Inexpensive but Effective Employee Training Program

Cate gives her top tips on creating a training programme that will keep employees motivated with little to no budget.

Top employees want to feel like they are continuously learning and growing, so you need to offer training and other growth opportunities for them. So the next question is "how do I train my employees without spending a lot of money?" There are a number of ideas out there on how to create a training programme with little to no budget, and Cate has taken the best in her opinion and added them to this video.

Firstly, you can have your staff cross-train each other in their respective jobs. Not only does this broaden your employees' skill sets, but it also gives you an insurance policy if someone is unexpectedly absent. Then at least there are others in the company who know how to do the essential elements of the absentee's job, and can help cover while they're gone.

Watch this video to find more actionable tips to help you create an inexpensive employee training programme that you can implement independently.

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