Inventory Tracking Excel Template - Multiple Locations
Originally published: 01/03/2018 10:00
Last version published: 04/03/2019 07:47
Publication number: ELQ-40428-8
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Inventory Tracking Excel Template - Multiple Locations

Manage inventory that moves back and forth between multiple locations (up to 21).

This tool allows one to track how various inventory SKU's move in and out of different locations. It uses an input card to enter transactions. Each transaction represents a move of one item to another location.

An SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit. Usually in the form of a bar code, an identification number is attached to a product in a shop in order to track and price it. They do not actually have to be physically attached to the physical good. They increase the efficiency of the supply chain and logistics for a business.

The database stores all entries.

You can query on a per sku basis to see how much of each inventory item is at each location and the full record of that sku.

Macros are used to enter the data and query a given sku.

More summaries include a detailed list of every location and how much of each sku is at each location. There is also a monthly summary that shows the net move of each sku per month by location.

Instructions are included in the inventory management excel template and a tutorial video is available. The video has bookmarks enabled to allow the user to save the most important parts of the tutorial.

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