Quarterly Leveraged Buyout LBO Model
Originally published: 13/10/2016 17:26
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Quarterly Leveraged Buyout LBO Model

An LBO model illustrating a number of detailed analytical techniques to construct an acquisition LBO model with history

A Leveraged Buyout is a transaction whereby a group of investors, for example, purchase a corporation with a mixture of equity and debt. The collateral for such a transaction is the company's cash flow, which is thus used to secure and eventually repay the borrowed money.

An LBO model is used to estimate the value of the company that is in line to be purchased. A financial forecast will be completed in order to predict the future growth or performance of the business. LBO models are therefore critical to the purchasing of a business as they represent the value of the transaction and what will be used to convince other investors/parties to the transaction to get on board.

Sections of this LBO model:
- Periodic Model
- Standalone Case
- LBO Summary
- Transaction and Pro-forma
- LBO Model
- Annual
- Quarterly and Annual
- Standalone Annual
- Prep Course Model
- Total Returns Chart
- Equity Returns Chart
- Functions

- Complex Working Capital in LBO Model (41 minutes)
- Revolver Analysis and Tax and Financing (1h24 minutes)
- Completion of LBO Model (41 minutes)
- IRR's and Annual Summary in LBO Model (22 minutes)
- Final Analysis and Quarterly/Annual (22 minutes)

This LBO Model & Associated Videos are linked to Ed's book, Chapter 4, which you can find also attached.

=> Ed Bodmer, 2016, edbodmer.wikispaces.com

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Model, 5 Explanatory & Supporting Videos, 1 Supporting Excel File to Chapter 4

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