Startup Board Performance Evaluation Template
Originally published: 30/11/2017 11:28
Publication number: ELQ-67801-1
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Startup Board Performance Evaluation Template

A comprehensive template to evaluate the annual performance of the Board of Directors for a company

It is very important for an early stage startup company to evaluate the performance of their board, yet more often than not, company boards rarely take the time and effort to conduct one. Well established governance guidelines require boards to undertake a performance assessment every year.

Board assessments are typically self-assessed. Generally the directors of an organisation conduct the review as they are the best to evaluate their board's performance. This template is thorough and includes the following topics:

- Structure and Culture of the Board

- Board Meeting Mechanics

- Evaluating, Compensating and Working with Management

- Oversight of the Company’s Financial Position

- Board Committee Assessment

- Director Self Evaluation

Each of these sections contain questions by which each director should fill in a rating and a comment for each one. The comments section could be used for any recommendations or tips to improve their performance.

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