Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Assessment Workbook
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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Assessment Workbook

This short Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Assessment measures how well your KPIs are working to help you manage.

This short Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Assessment measures how well your KPIs are working to help you manage your business. By understanding and communicating the assessment results your team can take action to improve any areas where needed.

KPIs may be the most quoted lousy leadership tool in the book. They are lousy because they’re used the wrong way. The concept is powerful, both for redirecting company effort and to test new initiatives, among many benefits.

Stand this checklist alongside your KPIs and see how you score. Answer yes or no.
- We have more than four KPIs for each major activity in the business.
- Our KPIs are mostly on internal processes.
- KPIs are designed by our financial team, because they’re numbers people.
- KPIs are available most weeks, usually by Wednesday.
- Our KPIs are accurate.
- Our KPIs are primarily used by management.

Answer Key:
▪ Any “Maybe” or “Partly” or “Sometimes” is a “Yes.”
▪ Any “Yes” answers mean that your KPIs are underperforming.

If you have any questions or stumble along the way please reach out to us at CFO.University. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t believe professional growth was critical to your success. We wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t help you accomplish that.

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