Employee Engagement & Retention Planning Worksheet
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Employee Engagement & Retention Planning Worksheet

Engaging and retain employees requires planning. This tool helps you do just that.

Think about each of the five best leadership practices below and watch the video for deeper insight. Reflect on how each item can apply to the employee. Some items will be much more meaningful and motivating to that employee, so focus on those. Some people will be very open to your approach and others may be resistant, so be thoughtful of this and act accordingly.

1. Provide interesting and challenging work. What are the strengths of the employee and how can they use them to greater advantage to contribute to the department and organization?

2. Provide training and development and coaching. What training can be provided to build on their skills? Discuss this with the employee. Schedule regular coaching sessions to get their input and discuss how they feel things are going. Consider all skills including interpersonal skills

3. Provide career growth opportunities. Learn about the career aspirations of the employee. Provide the support and encouragement you can

4. Help employees build and maintain good relationships with their co-workers and their boss. What can you do to build team spirit and encourage mutual support among team members

5. Give regular praise and recognition to the employee. Make it a leadership habit to look for actions and behaviour that deserves praise (use the performance record form to track good performance & what may need coaching)

Review your notes and action items from the previous page and fill in the worksheet below to set an action plan. The support column is very important as it defines the actions you need to take to support the employee and ensure success. Use the priority column to rate the most important actions on a scale of 1 to 5, one being most impactful for the employee.

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Further information

To create a plan to employee engagement and retention

For leaders and managers who want to take approach to engage and retain employees

This does not solve a short term problem of an already disengaged employee who wants to leave the company


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