Customer Relation Manager - 6-Stage Tracker Model
Originally published: 17/09/2018 09:46
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Customer Relation Manager - 6-Stage Tracker Model

Manage the tracking of your customer relationships from initial lead all the way to closed and possible churn.

Welcome to google sheets! It has a few functions and formulas that make certain types of templates work far better than what you can do in excel. A sales pipeline manager is one of those templates. Note, once you access the link, you can make your own copy of the file and it will then become editable on your own google drive and you will be the owner of it.

This tracker is a great way to manage the status of your clients/customers as you bring them into your organization and manage them through their life-time.

The 6 stages are:
1. Lead
2. Appointment
3. Negotiating
4. Closed
5. Possible Churn
6. Lost Client

The structure and formulas allow you to change the status of a given client in one place and it automatically moves to the relevant tab. You can change the name of the stages and of the tabs to meet your needs without messing anything up.

More in-depth instructions are on the document itself. Read through them before actually using this file.

Included in the file is a summary that lists the client count and annual $ value per each pipeline stage as well as per each customer type and per each account executive (salesmen). Color coding has been implemented accordingly as well as some conditional formatting on the main data entry tab to make more important status types prominent.

Note, you can filter the main 'data' tab by highest to lowest $ value or vice versa or by customer name (A to Z) and this will result in the pipeline stage tabs to flow in the same order.

Another use case for this type of template can be for an individual salesmen that wants to keep track of their own clients lists. There could be a situation where you make many copies of the template for each account executive and then roll that data up into a master sheet. I offer customization services for an hourly rate.

This Best Practice includes
1 Word document with a link to the google sheet and 1 tutorial video

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Further information

Give deeper insight into the status of new customer leads as they get closer to becoming closed deals.

Any business that has mid to larger size customers or for individuals that have medium-size client lists they need to manage.

This won't work in excel.


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