Creation of Skills Management Program - Methodology
Originally published: 23/08/2016 16:18
Last version published: 08/11/2019 12:58
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Creation of Skills Management Program - Methodology

The key milestones in building your skills management program.

It gives a general methodology for the creation of a skills management program. The end result will define the objectives, set specific strategies to achieve the objectives, and provide an actionable operational plan. As it highlight that the first two steps in creating your skills management program are to analyse changes in your business environment and summing up your strategic business priorities, the methodology ensures the skills management plan is fully consistent with the company’s business strategy and competitive environment.

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Further information

Provide a simple, business-oriented method to build your skills management presentation.

- You need to communicate with your general management about this program, to get the proper resources to deliver a smart plan
- Your CEO / general management is concerned that skills within the company do not reflect the strategic needs
- You need to organize yourself and your team on your company’s skills management program


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      Hey Nas!

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