Competitors Scale
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:12
Last version published: 29/03/2017 15:41
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Competitors Scale

Give a scaled overview of the main competitors in a given market.

The Competitors scale slide aims at giving an overview of the main competitors in a given market. Its efficiency resides in the fact that it shows at a glance the order of the competitors and outlines their key features and figures. The clear and elegant layout of the slide is easy to work from. This slide can apply to several different market studies and as such translates well as a visual aid in the boardroom.

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Further information

- Present 4 to 10 main competitors in any given market accompanied by a brief outline of each of their key features.
- Indicate the market hierarchy of your chosen competitors by classifying them on an ascending scale.
- Use the scale structure of the slide to rate competitor performance on a single unit of measurement: turnover, margin, market value...

Expected Impact:
• Give an at-a-glance overview of the structure of the market
• Show accurate and pertinent features of your most important competitors
• Draw attention to the main comparison figures of your chosen competitors
• Communicate using clear messages with a readable visual scale
• Feel confident with your analysis by focusing only on the most relevant data

Insert In:
• Market studies
• Benchmarks
• Strategic plans
• Marketing plans

Main Sources of Data:
• Existing reliable market studies (Markess, Xerfi, Reuters, MarketResearch, HBR…)
• Competitors’ publications: press releases, annual reports, corporate websites contents...
• Business press
• Your own market watch tools

• You want to compare your competitors using a single consistent figure
• You have a select number of competitors whose key figures you wish to highlight

• You have no key figure to compare your competitors with
• You would like to give an in-depth look into your competitor profiles (use WMI' "Competitor's zoom" slides)
• You have less than three competitors to map; the slide will seem insubstantial

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