Competitive Map Excel Template
Originally published: 17/04/2018 12:11
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Competitive Map Excel Template

This tool can be used to analyse how a company/product is positioned compared to other companies/products.

By evaluating a number of attributes, this tool can help you to analyse the positioning of a product or company in comparison to other products or companies.

A competitive map is used to compare a product or company with a number of competitors according to their main attributes. Their relative importance of each attribute can also be added to the map. The map can help us to understand the positioning of a company in relation to numerous attributes and to define the key points to consider when making strategic decisions. E.g. if our company is well positioned and we see that 'quality' is important to our customers, we can make the decision to concentrate on communication and promotion of our product's quality.

Usually, data for the map is collected using surveys. If you have a large number of attributes or the selection of attributes isn't clear, you could design a pre-selection question that asks interviewees to rank attributes in order of the most important to the least important. Then, for each company or product, they'll be asked about the performance and the importance of the selected attributes. It is advised that you divide this question into two parts:

1. Importance: score each attribute from 1-5
2. Performance: for each combination of company (or product) and attribute, score 1-5

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