Financial Model Structuring and Formatting Assistant
Originally published: 10/07/2018 14:08
Last version published: 24/02/2020 19:14
Publication number: ELQ-74829-5
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Financial Model Structuring and Formatting Assistant

This excel workbook includes different macros and shortcuts.

This excel workbook shows many different macro functions like creating a table of contents and removing sheet names from formulas. A macro in excel is used to automate tasks and make it more simple. They are supposed to save you hours of work that is normally small repetitive tasks. Macros are written in Excel VBA.

The macros in this file do not have any passwords so you are able to copy them directly from this file and use it for your own model. The reason for this workbook is to help the user learn more and improve their macros skills. The workbook includes a table of contents that is organized and color coded to help the user move between sheets easily. There are also over 40 sheets that contain different macros to help you in any situation and a list of general shortcuts you can use to make your excel work more efficient.

Some examples this workbook has:
-This file has built in macros that allow the user to copy to the right by clicking Shift, CTRL, and R at the same time.
-The user is also able to color and format the sheet by clicking CTRL, ALT and C at the same time.

This Best Practice includes
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