New App Product Launch –Revenue Forecast Model
Originally published: 09/05/2022 09:39
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New App Product Launch –Revenue Forecast Model

If you have enough hours free for you to generate the revenue forecast for your new App – this 5 year plan model is not for you.

Because from its simple to use one-page input sheet you will generate the detailed revenue and cash flow forecasts, based on your subscriber estimates, that you will need for your business plan and investor decks.

Note - This model can also be used for other subscription-based revenue forecasts as well.
The model comprises:
• A single data input page – where you can input your forecasts of:
o Expected new subscriber signups to the five subscription offers that you can make available namely: free, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual.
o the subscription package and expected churn rate for each of your offers.
o the total size of the market segment that you are aiming your app at.

On this page also you will be able to see your market penetration statistics as you input your data.

• Then five pages of analyses detailing the results for all five of your offers split by new subscribers, renewing subscribers and total. These will be for your business plan, investors, lenders etc.
o Monthly Recurring Revenues
o Cash Subscriptions Received
o Free Cash Balances
o Subscriber Numbers
o Life-Time Values

• Finally, three dashboards for you to show in visual formats–
o Your revenues and cash flows.
o Your subscriber data.
o The market penetration that your inputs have achieved into your target market segment.

This Best Practice includes
Excel workbook

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To enable you to easily and quickly forecast, review and amend your new Apps revenues and cash flows stemming from these revenues

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