Financial risks evaluation
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:13
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Financial risks evaluation

Highlight and explain the financial risks of a revenue statement scenario.

If you are conducting due diligence on a company or evaluating a business plan for a business unit, you may want to challenge the estimates and assess the potential risks to your business from the proposed strategy. This slide helps you to highlight the potential risks of your strategy.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint slide model + 1 Excel backup and calculation sheet + 1 step-by-step method

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Further information

Give a quantitative evaluation of the financial risks of a given strategic scenario or business plan. The objective is to gain the confidence of your audience by explaining the main assumptions of your evaluation. Create a powerful practical aid for your decision-making process.
• Delineate for your audience the potential pitfalls of the proposed strategy.
• Show the worst-case scenario alongside your proposed strategy.
• Reassure your audience that you have covered all the bases and have come to reasonable estimate of any downside scenario.
• Give a rough estimate of the value of the potential risk.
• Create support for a discussion on an acquisition or other strategic scenario.

• You wish to illustrate the potential pitfalls of a business plan.
• You want to show quantitative information on the risks of a given business plan.
• You want to explain your method behind your analysis of the risks to the business
• You want to convey your opinion on the feasibility of a given strategic scenario or business operation.

• You are not comfortable creating a financial estimate of risks for your scenario
• You would rather discuss the scenario on a strategy level rather than a financial basis

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