Document / Project Tracking Template
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Document / Project Tracking Template

This is a basic template that shows the number of days events take to complete.

I have implemented similar logic and structure that you will get in this free g sheet that has been used in mortgage tracking. For example, it can be useful to measure the amount of days all the various documents took to complete in the process of closing a loan.

This would also be useful in tracking the amount of days each step in a project took. If you were managing a construction project, you may want to know how many days it took to lay the foundation, to build the house, and to finish. You will also want to know the length of days from start to finish..

Based on inputs, you will see the color of a given cell will auto-change based on the total days a given event/task took.

This type of tracking works good when you have a pipelined process happening where one event can't start until the previous is finished. Finally, you will see there is a final calculation of the total amount of days it takes from the initial start date to the end date and that will change colors based on an input of acceptable days and the actual days being less than or greater than that.

A second tab was also built that only takes into account work days rather than all days.

This is free because it will likely take customization work to make this fit your specific situation. The groundwork is laid for scale though and once you understand the interactions, it is not very difficult to make it work how you want.

I have gone a step further and added filtered tabs that show only certain events. This makes it easier to see where everything is in the pipeline and if a given process is still being worked on or if it is complete. This would be helpful when the total projects/tasks being tracked goes up.

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Further information

Track the number of days between events.

Any situation where you have a synchronous pipeline of events.

Any situation where some events could still be pending while the next event completes.

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