Depreciation and Fixed Assets Template in Excel
Originally published: 19/02/2020 16:38
Last version published: 05/10/2021 09:39
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Depreciation and Fixed Assets Template in Excel

PRO Excel Template - Straight-line method depreciaiton

Depreciation Accounting for Fixed assets is usual activity and process for any accountant/auditor/business analyst in his/her job, but things can get really tricky and difficult when there are numbers of assets and there are transactions like disposal, sale and purchase in mid-month/mid-year.

This advanced Excel template calculates depreciation accurately based on SLN method (Straight-line method), it is a very practical template which also allows accountants to book journal entries for accurate monthly depreciation.

In case of sale of assets, the template provides you with accurate profit or loss on the sale of assets.

The template is quite interactive to use since I have used VBA codes in it, you can carry forward the entire fixed asset register to next financial year/fiscal year. You can add rows to each block of assets and remove rows with the click of a button

This tool is very useful for accountants, Auditors, financial analyst, FP&A Professional and Business analysts for figuring out fixed assets and depreciation accounting data periodically/yearly

Also, this template can be used as supplementary working for Financial Modelling exercise to calculate accurate fixed assets depreciation and profit/loss on disposal of assets

The tool is best suitable for:

Who this course is for:

Accountants who want to sharpen their practical accounting Knowledge for Fixed Assets and depreciation Accounting
Auditors who want to audit effectively for Fixed assets and depreciation for their clients
Non-Accounting professional/Entrepreneurs who want to estimate the impact of depreciation on their investment and Profit and Loss over a fixed term (usually assets useful life).

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Further information

Calculate accurate Monthly, quarterly and yearly depreciation.

The best tool for accountant for closing books each month, the tool can be used to determine and derive accurate journal entries each month.

Forecasting depreciation expenditure, profit or loss on the sale of fixed assets even for future periods
Maintaining fixed assets and depreciation register.

It's not a replacement of accounting software or professional fixed assets register software
This tool cant be used for other methods of depreciation: DB, WDV, SYD, VDB etc

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