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How to Prevent Your Small Business Website from Being Hacked

This video will give you tips on how you can prevent cyber attacks from taking down your website.

Nowadays, hacking efforts can be so damaging that one company talked about in this video lost thousands of social media followers and was left devastated as a small business.

Ask specifically about cyber security when interviewing the potential development team. If you don't have a techy on your team, it is recommended that you find someone knowledgeable enough about web development who you can trust to help you vet potential developers. If you are going to go it alone, you should ask each candidate specific questions, for example, "how would you identify a hacker's attempt to intrude on my website?...how would you recover from a successful defacement of my website by a hacker?...how often will the database and code be backed up?"

Watch this video to find out more actionable tips on preventing a devastating website hack.

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