How to Reduce Employee Turnover
Originally published: 28/09/2018 15:29
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How to Reduce Employee Turnover

This video and PDF document explain the reasons why employee turnover may be high in a business, and how to reduce it.

"Employee turnover can have a huge impact on the profitability of a company due to the cost of hiring and the loss of productivity cause by unfilled positions. I’ll talk about strategies to reduce employee turnover in this video.

Hello, I’m Stephen Goldberg of Optimus Performance bringing you practical tips and ideas on leadership, team development and personal productivity in the workplace. Before you can reduce employee turnover, you need to understand the causes of turnover. In most cases, employee turnover is caused by things that companies are not doing well. I’m going to talk about 3 things that you could look at and address with some strategy.

The first major cause of employee turnover is bad hiring. The second one is poor relationship with a boss, colleague or team member. The third one is lack of support or poor support from management, in terms of employee development and engagement in the job.

So firstly it’s really important to hire properly. That means hiring somebody that has the right skills, experience, knowledge, and fit for the job. Now I’m not going to get into detail on that. I do have other videos that go into depth on that topic and I’ll put links to the videos and articles related to that in the description of this video..."

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