Ansoff Matrix Framework - Product/Market Expansion Grid PowerPoint Template (Nine-Box + Four Quadrant)
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Ansoff Matrix Framework - Product/Market Expansion Grid PowerPoint Template (Nine-Box + Four Quadrant)

A template as an innovative approach to the Ansoff Matrix Framework, to define a Company's Products/Services Strategy.

The Ansoff Matrix, also called the "Product/Market Expansion Grid", was created by H. Igor Ansoff (1918 - 2002, a Russian-American applied mathematician and business manager - father of strategic management). It was first released to the public in HBR (Harvard Business Review) in 1957 under the article "Strategies for Diversification". For generations, marketers and business leaders have used this framework to analyse their growth potential and take the best risk-return decisions on their product/services portfolio.

The classic Ansoff Matrix has 4 quadrants, on 2 axis.


(y-axis): Markets (Existing vs New)
(x-axis): Products (Existing vs new)


- Diversification: New Markets + New Products
- Market Development: New Markets + Existing Products
- Product Development: Existing Markets + New Products
- Market Penetration: Existing Markets + Existing Products

A more sophisticated version of the Matrix has been expanded by Marketers to a 9-Box Matrix Format to include intermediate (but potentially more risky) strategies by adding "Expanded Markets" on the y-axis for Markets and "Modified" on the x-axis for Products/Services, giving birth to 5 additional boxes:
- Market Expansion: Existing Products in Expanded Markets
- Product Extension: Existing Markets with Modified Products
- Limited Diversification: Modified Products in Expanded Markets
- Partial Diversification (1): Modified Products in New Markets
- Partial Diversification (2): Expanded Markets with New Products

Given the impact the use of such a classic framework can have in Strategic Planning Decisions, I have created 2 model templates in PowerPoint: a Four Quadrant Ansoff Matrix + a Nine-Box Ansoff Matrix. The template is fully editable and I have added a novelty with the option to position, thanks to an Excel Graph, products and services on the Matrix.

The Best Practice is:
- an editable Microsoft PowerPoint Template Slide (2 Versions - 9-Box Matrix + 4 Quadrant Matrix)
- 2 attached Excel Models to plot the graphs
- with an online & offline 18 step-by-step methodology, with pedagogical illustrations for each step.

Should you have any questions on using this top tier Management/Strategy Consulting Template slide and framework, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.

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Good luck!
- Tim

This Best Practice includes
2 PowerPoint Template Models + 2 Attached Excel Models + 1 Online 18 Step-by-Step Methodology

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