Scenario Analysis - Using Macros
Originally published: 30/04/2018 13:26
Publication number: ELQ-62486-1
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Scenario Analysis - Using Macros

Excel Files to show you how to do Scenario Analysis using Macros.

Scenario analysis is the process of estimating the expected value of a portfolio after a given period of time in the assumption that any changes in the values of the portfolio's securities or key factors take place, such as a change in interest rate. It is commonly used to estimate changes to a portfolio's value response to an unfavourable event. It can be used to determine the worst-case scenario.

The Excel files associated with this tool are the following:

- Solar Sensitivity Analysis
- Timing in Budget Model
- Graphs from Data Tables: uses a macro with a goal seek and a macro table
- Data Tables with Macros and Range Names: shows how to speed up data tables with range names
- Data Tables from Macros: shows how to make a more flexible data table with macros
- Goal Seek and Macro: reviews data tables in the context of structured finance
- One Way Data Tables from Macros: uses a macro to create a one way data table

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