How to use Read PDF
Originally published: 11/10/2018 13:31
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How to use Read PDF

This is a tool that will help to use Excel files with macros that allow you to convert files from PDF to Excel.

This tool, brought to you by Prof. Ed Bodmer, helps you to understand how to use excel files with VBA code while allowing you to convert PDF files to Excel.

Using the PDF attached, you will learn to format a PDF into a workable Excel spreadsheet, whilst also dealing with a range of problems that can present themselves after copying from PDF to Excel using alternative macros.

The macros included are on an open source basis.

The PDF to Excel conversions are aimed at financial modeling applications. It is necessary to copy and paste the stuff you need from the PDF. When pasting, past special as unicode text.

There are a range of problems that will be covered in this tool, including:

- PDF file compressing into rows of data with multiple values

- Each piece of data presenting itself in a separate row

- Data changing format to spaces instead of commas and commas instead of decimals.

It should be noted that when running the read pdf to excel program, it may not work every time due to vagaries in the presentation of data when arriving from PDFs into the excel document.

To re-format PDF documents, please download the PDF attached.

If you have any questions or problems that arise, don't hesitate to start a discussion below, or e-mail me at To access more of my tools and templates, please visit my channel page.

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