Inventory Tracking Excel Template - Single Location - COGS Logic
Originally published: 01/03/2018 10:00
Last version published: 04/03/2019 07:44
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Inventory Tracking Excel Template - Single Location - COGS Logic

An inventory management excel template designed for 1 location and focuses on deriving a cost of goods sold per sku.

The primary benefit of this inventory management tool is that you can define what date ranges to use in order to get an average weighted cost of goods sold. This runs off of what inventory entries you have put in between a given date. You can choose a date range for each sku individually and based on the the weighted average cost will populate.

There is a master sheet where you list all your inventory sku's and from that, the quantity and total cost of current inventory will populate per item.

There is a monthly quantity and $ amount tab that shows the net change in each over the course of 12 months and puts this in a nice visual chart. You will be able to see a running total for inventory value.

To roll from year to year, there is a spot to enter 'starting balance' per item (for quantity and $ value).

The final summary will show you the value of goods sold against cost of goods sold, so you get a monthly gross profit figure that populates over the course of a given 12-month period.

Instructions are included in the inventory management excel template and a tutorial video is available.

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Track the quantity and cost of inventory movements.

With 1 location where inventory moves in and out of.

Multiple locations.

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