SaaS Revenue Forecast Excel Template
Originally published: 16/02/2018 14:23
Publication number: ELQ-10703-1
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SaaS Revenue Forecast Excel Template

This simple, easy to use excel tool will allow you to calculate accurate revenue forecasts for your SaaS business

This tool finds a balance between overly-simple and overly-complicated revenue tools, giving you the opportunity to develop detailed, accurate revenue forecasts in an easy to do way. This spreadsheet is a great tool for any business involved in softwarem allowing you to forecast the financial performance of your software as a service company.

The tool relies on only a few key assumptions, and thus does not take long to complete. This tool focuses on SaaS metrics, using clients, client acquisition, churn, annual reccuring revenue and revenue expansion in order to create a detailed forecast of your financial outlook. This tool breaks down each equation, making this financial model easy to understand and put into practice, making it accessible to those of all experience. The tool combines all inputted data, creating easy to follow MRR Inflow/Outflow graphs to map your revenue forecasts.

These forecast graphs will allow you to know if you are increasingly net positive or net negative with regard to your subscription dollars and customer counts. You will thus be able to track your business' performance against these forecasts, with this simple tool giving you the opportunity to identify areas that could be improved to enhance your overall performance.

This tool includes:

- Customer Waterfall
- Renewall Waterfall
- Churn Inputs
- MRR Inputs
- ARR Inputs
- MRR Waterfall
- MRR Inflow/Outflow

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