Capitalisation Templates with Waterfall Analysis
Originally published: 29/11/2017 15:15
Publication number: ELQ-31390-1
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Capitalisation Templates with Waterfall Analysis

A solution, with examples, to help you manage all aspects of your company's cap table

There are various "Cap Tables" available on the internet, from Excel sheets made for simple cap tables to more complex, advanced softwares that will track all you need to create a cap table. However, Seraf have created one that is a lot simpler to use.

Seraf's tool is incredibly simple to set up and there is no need to enter lots of data. This tool also allows you to model several exit scenarios to aid you in ascertaining how much each shareholder will receive.

In this tool there are two separate documents. The first (Series A) allows you to make a cap table with one series A round of funding as a basic form of modelling. The second document (Series A and B) allows you to create one with a series A and B round. Both documents contain a waterfall analysis that lets you model how much capital is returned to each shareholder and the classes of stocks.

Both documents contain the following features:

- One or two rounds of Series Preferred Stock

- Participating and Non-Participating Preferred Shares

- Liquidation Preferences

- Waterfall Analysis

- Options both Issued and Non-Issued

This Best Practice includes
2 Capitalisation Templates with Waterfall Analysis

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