Non-ribbon Sankey Diagram in Excel
Originally published: 21/07/2021 10:19
Publication number: ELQ-87999-1
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Non-ribbon Sankey Diagram in Excel

Excel template to create a Non-ribbon Sankey Diagram used to depict connections between one dataset and another.

Sometimes the primary analytical task at hand is to depict connections between one dataset and another. the Non-ribbon Sankey Diagram is a perfect tool for that.

A Non-ribbon Sankey Diagram consists of two sets of nodes connected to each other with links. The nodes of each set are placed along vertical lines. Then, curves are drawn to connect related nodes. Simply put, it’s a stripped down version of a Sankey Diagram. Compared to its traditional cousin—the Sankey Diagram—Non-ribbon Sankey diagrams emphasize the connections between the nodes rather than the additional properties of those links.

Unfortunately, Excel charting library doesn't include native Sankey Diagrams. Users are either obliged to resort to VBA or to take the time consuming task of following a long list of steps to create one.

So here I'm offering you an Excel template that takes a data set as an input and creates a Non-ribbon Sankey Diagram with the following capabilities:

- Handles up to 50 nodes for each dataset categories.
- Switch datasets from left to right and vise versa.
- Adjust the vertical spacing between the nodes of the left dataset.
- Adjust the vertical spacing between the nodes of the right dataset.
- Adjust the shape of the connecting curves (cubic Bézier curves) between the nodes.
- Adjust the above settings with a user-friendly interface.
- Fully customizable chart using standard Excel functionality enabling you to design a large variety of charts.
- Unlocked workbook/worksheets with ability to expand template to suit your needs.

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Further information

To enable business analysts, consultants, scientists, statisticians, data visualizers and journalists to produce Non-ribbon Sankey Diagrams used to depict connections between one dataset and another.

Exploratory data analysis (EDA), reporting and communication in business, science, statistics, data visualization or data journalism.

Template relies heavily on Excel's Dynamic Arrays capabilities, only available to Office 365 subscribers.

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