How Effective is Your Teamwork? Use the Team Effectiveness Evaluation Worksheet to Find Out!
Originally published: 02/10/2019 15:04
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How Effective is Your Teamwork? Use the Team Effectiveness Evaluation Worksheet to Find Out!

How Effective is Teamwork in Your Organization? Use the Teamwork Effectiveness Evaluation and Find Out

Effective teamwork is essential for organizations to perform well and to continuously improve operations. But teamwork is more than just people getting along.

High performance teams have developed the ability to collaborate and support each other, work through conflicts and practice problem solving for continuous improvement initiatives.

Developing better teamwork takes an understanding of the behaviors that drive high performing teams and commitment to a plan of action.

My team effectiveness evaluation worksheet will help you identify gaps in team performance. You can have team members complete the form as well and compare your perceptions and discuss the reasons for the gaps.

Once you take the time to analyze the present state and involve the team members in discussion you will see an immediate improvement in teamwork in your department or organization.

Download the form right here on Eloquens.

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Taught by an experienced trainer & coach working with business owners to develop self-motivated & productive employees & salespeople, I am the founder of Optimus Performance. With over 20 years experience in training and development, coaching and consulting, I am passionate about helping people realize their full potential through self-knowledge and personal development.

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