Short Form AFT Assessment
Originally published: 24/04/2019 07:33
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Short Form AFT Assessment

This short Short Form AFT Assessment measures the success of your Accounting, Finance and Treasury (AFT) departments.

The CFO.University’s Short Form AFT Assessment is derived from the assessment tool created by KRM Business Solutions described below.

KRM Business Solutions developed an assessment tool to guide our clients in the development of their CFO suite. The assessment does this by:

- Providing the executive team a framework to discuss CFO suite performance and needs

- Identifying the key areas in the CFO Suite where work is required

- Creating a platform to craft and execute a CFO Suite Development plan

KRM’s assessment tool is also modeled on the Four Pillars of CFO success: Accounting, Finance, Treasury and Leadership. KRM’s intense assessment involves two 50 question surveys (one perception, the other need) taken individually by senior management, follow up with each leader who took the survey, a planning meeting with the CEO and Senior finance officer and a final team meeting to kick off the formal CFO Suite development process.

After years of using this tool to help their clients, KRM provided CFO.University with 8 key statements that make up the core of the Short Form Accounting, Finance and Treasury (AFT) Assessment. The responses to these statements provide CEOs, Boards and Senior finance officers with the first step in diagnosing where their CFO Suite can use shoring up.

CFO.University’s Short Form AFT Assessment measures your CFO Suite’s contributions to the success of your business. It also provides an overview of the strength of leadership/teamwork and growth capabilities within these departments.

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