Recipe Costing Worksheet
Originally published: 04/05/2018 13:03
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Recipe Costing Worksheet

Excel template for calculating the costs and finances of your recipes and ingredients.

This is a great model for calculating and tracking the essential finances behind your recipes and dishes.

Costing your recipes is absolutely essential to the survival of any restaurant, and this model provides a simple solution.

This model offers you the opportunity to calculate the costs of each individual recipe for your restaurant, based on a specified number of portions and serving size.

The yellow cells offer the opportunity for you to input the financial information. This is based on the specific ingredient, the quantity, weight, volume, the purchase cost per ingredient, the unit, yield %, and the edible purchase cost per ingredient. As such, you are able to construct a detailed financial template for each of your recipes.

The inputted data is then used to automatically calculate several key figures: the cost, cost per portion, cost per recipe, margin per portion, menu price, food cost % budget, foot cost % actual as well as the ideal selling price.

The template also includes an example tab to demonstrate how best to use the model.

Calculating the cost of your plates and recipes is absolutely essential for any restaurant. This model will help you to meticulously analyse the pricing of each of your recipes.

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