Mini Business Plan Template
Originally published: 21/11/2017 16:15
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Mini Business Plan Template

An easy to follow guide to aid you in completing a short business plan that is ideal for self- employed professionals

A Mini Business Plan, also known as a Short Business Plan, can aid you in defining key questions you ought to ask yourself if you want to run a business yourself.

This type of business plan is perfect for if you want to keep your business small - so you don't have to fill in a long regular business plan that contains detailed financial information.
This template is perfect for you if need to find answers to some business essentials. All the questions are included in the document.

You find 8 questions that seems simple to answer, but when you get started you realize it is quite complicated. As soon you put your business ideas on paper you have to be much more concrete and practical about your idea. Ideas that seemed easy to connect in your thoughts are more difficult on print.

The mini business plan does not contain questions or guidance about budgets and financing even though they are important topics. The topics are left out in order to focus on business model topics.

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