Inventory Food Cost Calculator

This can be used to track all of your numbers at the end of the month and confirm those of the accounting function.

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There is a strong connection between managing your food cost and managing your inventory at the end of the month. Are your items counted via shelf-to-sheet method or via sheet to shelf method? Which is more effective?

Are each of your transfers and food credits correctly entered? Are they tracked?

Is the information on your end of month balance sheet verified? If you want your month end inventory to be done accurately then this is essential.

Are your food cost figures left to the hands of the accounting department? Or do you personally check their figures? (You should always know your own numbers.) This food cost calculator will allow you to accurately check your month end figures and confirm the figures of the accounting department.

The inventory tool for food cost is an Excel spreadsheet that has been built to calculate period end inventory. End of period is generally monthly or weekly.

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1 Inventory Food Cost Calculator

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