LBO Excel Model - with Capital Structure Analysis
Originally published: 25/04/2018 14:18
Last version published: 16/10/2018 09:18
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LBO Excel Model - with Capital Structure Analysis

Advanced financial model for Leveraged Buyout with analysis of the capital structure.

This is an advanced and incredibly detailed financial model for Leveraged Buyout and also includes analysis of the capital structure.

Within this excel model, there are 10 functional tabs that will help you to conduct an extensive analysis of the Leveraged Buyout and capital structure. These are:

- Summary
- Assumptions
- S&U and Pro-Forma
- LBO Model
- Implied COC in LBO
- Annual Model
- Audit Sheet
- Tornado Chart
- PE Scenario
- PE Ratio

The summary tab allows you to input data based on the sources and uses of funds, transaction assumptions and IRRs in order to create two charts. These charts are based on Capital Expenditure and IRR with Alternative Exit Multiple.

In the assumptions tab you can input huge amounts of financial data based on the existing balance sheet, implied valuation multiples, operating assumptions, debt and various other assumptions. Therefore, this model offers an extensive overview of the LBO with huge amounts of input data.

In the S&U and Pro-Forma tab you will be able to track various information based on the sources and uses of funds. You can also find goodwill analysis, enterprise value reconciliation and a Pro-Forma Balance Sheet.

The LBO Model tab allows for an incredibly detailed analysis. In this tab you can conduct extensive Operating Analysis based on growth rates, operating margins, EBITDA, Capital Expenditure etc. This tab also allows you to track your other assets and liabilities, your financing debt schedule, profit and loss, cashflow waterfall and balance sheet.

The Implied COC in LBO and Tornado Chart tabs help to visualise your input data through detailed charts based on senior debt capacity, optimal holding period etc.

Ultimately, this is a great tool for tracking and plotting the finances of your LBO while offering analysis of the capital structure.

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