Easy Salaries Budget Sheet
Originally published: 23/12/2019 14:24
Publication number: ELQ-99768-1
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Easy Salaries Budget Sheet

A simple & easy to use sheet to track your teams' salaries, calculate their commissions, and annual bonuses.

The Easy Salaries Budget sheet, is a simple tool to help startups, companies owners, and managers to keep all their salaries projections handy, and calculates the payments for each month/year before and after tax deductions.

This will also help you draw some projections for the next 3 years for your project to see what the growth you are aiming for, and to also gives you a sight on how your sales team operates, and see if your numbers are making sense to you and the investors (or not), and edit them without any problem.

You will find it organized, commented, and so clear that any manager can deal with it in no time, some of the cells are for edit, they are marked and coloured so you just need to follow the comments, but you have to take care not to mess with the other cells as it took me awhile to set them correctly to make the perfect sense for you when dealing with them.

It will be my pleasure to hear your comments, discussions, possible enhancements and modifications to the sheet, and of course suggestions to provide better tools in the future.

I hope you like it!
- Hisham

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To calculate the needed budget for your team's salaries and bonuses.

startups, managers, financial forcasting, sales tracking tools.

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