Growth in the number of accounts
Originally published: 15/04/2016 08:14
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Growth in the number of accounts

Graphically depict the growth of your business

This slide is predominantly a graphic slide that is useful to demonstrate the growth of your business. Use this slide to explain the basic reasons and actions that triggered your growth (customer acquisition, sales..) and demonstrate with bars and figures the extent of your growth.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint model slide + 1 Excel support + 1 step-by-step method

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Further information

Give your audience confidence in the growth strength of your business and demonstrate that a trend has been set thanks to your marketing actions
• Show that the growth of your business is indisputable
• Reassure your audience by showing a positive trend
• Explain the effects of your marketing strategy
• display your monthly numbers in an easily digestible format
• Give a year's worth of key figures at a glance

• You wish to display your KPI figures on a monthly basis
• You wish to highlight your key marketing levers
• You wish to display an historical trend

• You wish to show a future objective
• You wish to show a trend for each KPI or each business unit

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