Mongolia Mining Case Model
Originally published: 17/10/2016 13:01
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Mongolia Mining Case Model

A Credit Analysis Model with Variation from Commodity Prices and Evaluation of Downside Case Variables

This Credit Analysis Model is a fantastic tool for analysing a specific case study. Moreover, it can then be reapplied and altered in order to suit the user's own studies.

Downside Case Variables are evaluated in the model. Downside is the loss, or negative movement, of the price of a security, sector or market. In addition, downside is also a term used to describe the stagnation of an economy, and even the decline of an economy.

When prices change, it can be down to any of a plethora of factors, such as a political action or even a natural disaster. When these price changes happen, uncertainty can arise for those who produce the that commodity. When the change in price is negative, the commodity price risk is seen to be higher. This can have follow-on effects for consumers in the form of higher prices.

Contents of the model:
- Credit Analysis
- Balance Sheet Calculations
- Presentation of Operating Assumptions with INDEX

- Corporate Model - Balancing the Balance Sheet (16 minutes)
- Graphing Data with Index Function (8 minutes)

Supporting Chapters in book:
This Model & Associated Videos are linked to Ed's book, Chapter 4 (p28), Chapter 12 (p144), Chapter 15 (p167)

=> Ed Bodmer, 2016,

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Model, Chapter 4 in pdf

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